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Teagan and friend with her two new boys - Commanche and Cole

Riley with Raider and Armor in Colorado

Thank you to all of our new and return clients! We appreciate your trust in our program and congratulate you on your many successes with your Bouncin B horses. We can hardly wait to start cheering you on in 2014!

All of the young horses sell with some halter training. They've all been bathed, clipped, hauled, and handled daily. They see the farrier regularly.

We offer payment plans and package prices on all of our horses offered for sale. Our horses are accustomed to lots of love, care, and individual attention. We want the same for them in their new homes.

Check back often for new additions and pictures. For additional information and a price list, please contact us at 605-693-3581 or Feel free to make an offer.


**A child with a really big smile just might be able to
talk us into a discount on a little gelding :-)

Prices range from $500 - $5,000


Ramakers Celestial Knighthood

33.75" smokey black driving gelding
AMHR - 263859A AMHA - A164326
Painted Perfection Picazzo X Ramakers Heavens to Betsy

Knight is a dependable country pleasure driving gelding. He had 10 months of driving training, including a show season, with Robby Barth - Showtime Training Center - as a 3 year old. He has 62 Country Pleasure Driving Hall of Fame points from his 3 year old year. He went back to Showtime for a tune-up the spring of his 4 year old year. Brad & I haven't yet ventured into driving in competition, so since that time, we have used Knight for parades and pleasure driving. He's been exposed to traffic, crowds, carnivals, bright lights, and all kinds of bells and whistles.

Knight has lots of "get up and go", which makes him a really fancy little parade horse. He likes to prance. He's pretty easy to handle but would probably not be best suited for a young child.

We have more driving horses than we can get driven, so we would like to see Knight where his talent will be used. He spent too much time standing around in his lot last summer. He has a fun disposition and good ground manners. He's easy to catch, bathe, clip, harness, trailer, etc.

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Tobasco

AMHR324416T AMHA Pending
Silver Bay Colt

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Winning Colors Dream Girl (HOF)

Toby's sire is a National Top Ten Champion out of a double bred Little Kings Buck On Broadway (BOB) mare & a Little Wardance son. His dam was also a National Top Ten Champion for us and has her Hall of Fame in Halter. She is out of a Rock E bred stallion. Toby is going to stay small - under 32". He is very upright, like his dam, and I think he will stand up and show like her as well. I think he will make an awesome little show gelding, and that's what he will be doing for us if he's still here in the spring.

Toby is entered in the SD Gelding Incentive program, so you can earn some money showing him.

Bondes Bouncin B Pyros En Fuego

AMHR 322618T
2013 Splashed White Sorrel Stallion with Flaxen Mane & Tail & Baby Blue Eyes

Rhapsody's Pyrotechnic X Lucky Hart's Rowdy Reb's Rockn Robin (HOF)

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You to Tina Walker, Alberta, Canada. We are so looking forward to following Fuego's career at halter and then in driving and finally as a sire.

This colt has the WOW factor and then some! I knew he was special as soon as he hit the ground. We can't wait to get him out in the show ring in the spring. He has all of his sire's strengths - beautiful neck, shoulder, & hip - as well as some nice touches from his multi champion producing dam. He has amazing presence, and it just seems natural for him. In addition to his conformation, his color and markings are exceptional. He is a light sorrel with a very white, flaxen mane & tail, white socks in back, and a wide blaze with piercing ice blue eyes, outlined with black eye liner. He actually looks like a golden palomino when clipped. He takes my breath away when he stands up and presents, just like his sire does.

As much as we hate to part with him - we must. We will be offering Fuego for sale.

Bondes Bouncin B Sovereign King

2014 Palomino Colt

Mountain Meadow's Sovereign x Ramakers Whitney (HOF)

Bondes Bouncnin B Red Hot Jet

2014 Black Colt

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Mickeys Magic Disco Moves

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Gumbo

2014 Sorrel Pinto Colt

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Lucky Harts American Exceptional

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You once again to Mark & Janice Cronin, Elkton, SD. Gumbo will join Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot N Ready & Bondes Bouncin B Hot Rod N Robby on the very successful Cronin driving show string.

Bondes Bouncin B Pipin Red Hot

2014 Sorrel Pinto Colt

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Bondes Bouncin B Red Ribbon Snippet

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot N Rippin

2014 Silver Dapple Colt

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Ramakers Orion Sable Summer Breeze


Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Surprise

AMHR 317161T AMHA A 212483
2012 Sorrel Filly

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox X Ramakers Whitney - Superior Dam

FINALLY - a long-awaited filly out of Whitney - and we are so excited about her! She is maternal sister to 2 time National Champion & National Reserve Champion Gelding - Bondes Bouncin B Orion Red Raider and full sister to National Reserve Grand Country Pleasure Driving horse and Country Pleasure Driving & Halter Hall of Fame - Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot N Ready. Suri is balanced, correct, upright, and full of presence.

Suri is Little Kings Buck On Broadway (BOB), Wardance, Boogerman, Rowdy, and Sheep Meadow Whiz bred.

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot N Elegant

AMHR 324411T AMHA A 217301
3/30/13 Sorrel Filly

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox X Bondes Bouncin B Red Ribbon Snippet

Ele hit the ground with a show attitude & presence already in place. The first time I put her out in the pasture, she ran to the top of the hill; stopped and turned to look back at me; put her head up and posed. I knew immediately that her name had to be Elegant. She's a very upright, leggy little girl, with a pretty head & neck, and very balanced body. She's refined, correct & ON 24/7. We are looking forward to showing Ele in 2014.

Ele is BOB, Wardance, Boogerman, Rowdy, and Bond Snippet bred.

Bondes Bouncin B Pyros Fire N Ice

AMHR 322619T ASPC164014
6/5/13 Bay Pinto Filly
Rhapsody's Pyrotechnic X SMHC'S Freedom's Glory (HOF)

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You to Leslie & Dave Bunke, Winona, Minnesota. We are so excited to have Ice join their very successful show string.

WOW AGAIN! Ice is another beautiful filly out of our BAR-G'S Rock "E" grandson, Rhapsody's Pyrotechnic. Her bloodlines also feature Kewpie's Pepito of Arenosa, Town & Country's Kit Cat (HOF) & J-J'S Painted Apache. Ice has "the hook" mastered, and she is correct, upright, and ON. She inherited her beautiful color & markings from her SMHC bred Superior Dam. Watch for Ice in the show ring in 2014.

Ramakers Princess Leah

AMHR 238553A AMHA A146000 31.5"
2003 Black Mare

Sire: Little Angels Pistol Pete
Dam: Ramakers Avon Lea

  • AMHR National Top Ten Champion Yearling Mare 28-30"
Leah was the last little black mare to leave Jerry and Sylvia Ramaker's farm. We feel so blessed that she came to reside with us. She has a winning record of her own, and we are confident she will produce winners for the Bouncin B.

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Reba

2014 Sorrel Filly

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Bondes Bouncin B Super Hott N Tiny

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You once again to Kelly Lynch, Larchwood, Iowa on her purchase of her 6th Bouncin B baby. We are so excited to be able to cheer for little Reba with Team 4Rail.

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Cayenne

2014 Bay Filly

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Ramakers Radiance By Design (HOF)

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You to Fran Emmett, Webberville, Michigan. We're betting this little gal will be driving in the future, just like her dam - our National Roadster Champion - Radiance.

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Tamale

2014 Sorrel Filly

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox x Ramakers My Fair Lady

Bondes Bouncin B Red Hot Chickadee

AMHR 317156T - 32.25"
DOB 4/24/12 - Sorrel Filly with Flaxen Mane & Tail & Star

Buck On Iceys Red Hot Sox X Lucky Hart's Rowdy Reb's Rockn Robin (HOF) & Superior Dam

SOLD! Congratulations and Thank You to Tina Walker, Alberta, Canada. We are so excited to be sending both Chickadee & Fuego to Tina.

Chickadee is a very refined and leggy filly with a lovely long neck and ultra nice presence. She likes to stand up and show. She had a VERY successful 2013 show season for us, showing in a tough 30-32" yearling filly class all summer. In just 4 shows, she picked up 5 1sts, 4 2nds, 3 Junior Grands, 1 Junior Reserve Grand, 3 Grand Champion Mare, 1 Reserve Grand Champion Mare, & 3 Champion of Champion honors.

Her sire is 31.5" & her dam is 36". It looks like she will stay under 34". She has a very pretty, feminine head and plenty of neck set nicely on her shoulder. She's very correct and balanced and her bite is right on. Her sire is our National Top Ten Champion stallion - Sox, who is a grandson of Little Wardance and Grosshills Boogermans Perfection. Sox is out of a double bred Little Kings Buck On Broadway (BOB) mare. He has sired many top show horses for us, including National and World Top Ten Champions. Chickadee's dam is a Hall of Fame show mare, and she has produced show horse after show horse, earning her Superior Dam status. Her dam is a Rowdy granddaughter. Chickadee has already proven herself in the show ring, and I can see performance in her future. She has a good head and nice action. She has lots of attitude, but she also likes to please. She has already had some show training. We would love to place her in a show home. Dee Dee is a light golden sorrel and has a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. She has the bloodlines to make a great addition to your broodmare herd down the road.

If she doesn't sell, she will more than likely be back out on our show string this spring working on her Hall of Fame. The 1st picture below is her weanling picture. The remaining 3 are from the 2013 show season.

We are located in South Dakota, but we can offer free shipping to Nationals in Tulsa.


Contact us with any questions you might have, and don't be afraid to make an offer. We'll cut some good deals on packages.

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